Load Skates and Rollers

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We provide heavy duty load skates that are engineered to provide easy movement of any load. All Lifting provides high quality load skates in Australia that are low maintenance & easy to operate. Our products are widely used for movement of heavy machinery movement within various industries. Load can be placed on these skates that are lined with rubber or a similar cushioning. This keeps the equipment being moved from becoming displaced during movement. Once the load has been placed on the load skates, they can be re-lifted using a crowbar or a jack.

While lifting a load, it is essential that only correct size skates are used for the moving of the machinery and other heavy objects. Our load skates are available in following sizes – 1 tonne to 35 tonne, price range for particular options vary between $100 to $5,000. We also offer a one off sale or a bulk discount.

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