Lifting Beams

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All Lifting provides industrial quality lifting beams that are used for heavy duty lifting operations. We have a wide range of lifting beam products for you to choose from. Our vast catalogue consists of different size of lifting beams based on the cost and intended use. The most important factor for lifting beam selection is its stability as it forms the bulwark of the major work done using this equipment. Efficiency and ease of use of different types of beams is directly relative to the headroom that’s available with each option.

Different kinds of lifting beams that are available are as follows: – Basic Lifting Beam, Basic Spreader Beam & Combination Beam, X-Beam, H-Beam and so on. Each Lifting Beam is made for different kind of operations and it is advisable that all the work must be done with appropriate size of Beams.

If you are going to buy a lifting beam you should make sure that following factors have been checked thoroughly – load limit, pick point, headspace & length of sling legs are one of the most important ones amongst several others that are considered. To assess the functional stability of a lifting beam, the following factors must be checked – height of the beam, centre of gravity (G), lower slings, the angle at which trapezoid is built between beam, sling and the load lifted during the operation.

These lifting beams are available in different sizes that vary between 350mm to 65metres and the price of each varies between $150 to $ 150,000.

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