Eye Bolts

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We stock a range of steel eye bolts that are designed specifically for light to heavy lifting tasks. Our specialists can provide the right advice about the most appropriate eyebolts for your intended usage and weight capacity requirements. Our stocked eye diameters are from 5mm to 50mm and overall length from 12mm to 1000mm. If required, we also are able to supply custom made solutions as well as additional lifting equipment for the task at hand.

Our eye bolts are widely used in the construction industry for lifting, pulling and tensioning. All our eyebolts are Drop Forged and Tempered using only quality steel.
Eye bolts can be individually electromagnetic crack tested and mechanically proof load tested on request.

If you are interested in discussing your exact product requirements and specifications or other details about our product range, please get in touch with us by phoning 1300 666 733.

More info: Selecting the right type of eye bolts for the lift